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ArmMage company has developed a Russian language pack for Magento, providing a fully localized experience for Russian-speaking users. It includes translations for default Magento text and popular third-party extensions, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement for businesses operating in the Russian market.


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 This language pack is designed to provide a seamless experience for Russian-speaking users who wish to use Magento for their online stores.


The language pack includes translations for all of the default Magento text, such as product descriptions, checkout pages, and system messages. It also includes translations for popular third-party extensions that are commonly used in the Russian market.


With the ArmMage Russian language pack, Russian-speaking merchants and customers can enjoy a fully localized experience on their Magento-powered websites. This means that they can navigate the site, make purchases, and manage their orders in their native language, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and engagement.


Overall, the ArmMage Russian language pack for Magento is a valuable resource for businesses operating in the Russian market. It provides a convenient and user-friendly way to connect with Russian-speaking customers and improve their overall online shopping experience.

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