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Magento 2 Armenian Language Pack enables you to customize the existing language and adjust to the Armenian Language.

This package will allow you to convert all words and phrases from both the frontend and the administration,  into the Armenian Language.


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Our Armenian Language Pack and Locale extension for Magento provides a full translation of the front end and administration of your Magento store into Armenian. Our extension is perfect for store owners looking to provide a localized experience for Armenian-speaking customers or those who prefer to conduct their business in Armenian. 

With our extension, you can enjoy a seamless, user-friendly experience for your Armenian-speaking customers. Our comprehensive translations include all Magento features, such as product pages, checkout, and administration. You can say goodbye to confusing, poorly translated content and hello to a fully localized store that meets the needs of your Armenian-speaking customers. 

Customization is also easy with our extension. You can customize your store's language settings, including the default language and currency for your store. Our Armenian Language Pack and Locale is also fully compatible with third-party extensions and customizations, ensuring that your store's unique features are seamlessly integrated into the Armenian language. 

By providing a fully localized experience for your Armenian-speaking customers, you can increase customer satisfaction, build trust, and reach a valuable customer base. Don't let language barriers prevent you from growing your business. Get our Armenian Language Pack and Locale for Magento today and start providing a fully localized experience for your Armenian-speaking customers. 


  • Full translation of Magento front-end and administration into Armenian
  • Customizable language settings, including default language and currency
  • Compatibility with third-party extensions and customizations
  • Enhanced customer experience for Armenian-speaking customers

Account & Pricing

  • Account Requirements: No account is required for using the extension.
  • Additional Fees: The installation service is available at an additional cost of $50.00, which includes setting up the extension on your website.
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