Cannot process definition to array for type [date ,tinytext ] on Magento 2

The problem is happening from Magento upgrade v2.3 to v2.4.3-p1.

  1. Open file:


2. Replace function fromDefinition:

public function fromDefinition(array $data)
	$type = $data['type'];
	if(in_array($type, ["tinytext", "enum"])){
		$data['type'] = 'text';
		$type = 'text';
	if(in_array($type, ['time', 'mediumint'])){
		$data['type'] = 'datetime';
		$type = 'datetime';
	if(in_array($type, ['mediumint'])){
		$data['type'] = 'int';
		$type = 'int';
	if (!isset($this->definitionProcessors[$type])) {
		throw new \InvalidArgumentException(
			sprintf("Cannot process definition to array for type %s", $type)

	$definitionProcessor = $this->definitionProcessors[$type];
	return $definitionProcessor->fromDefinition($data);

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