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Optimize your e-commerce strategy with the ArmMage Advanced Customer Tracking and Recommendation Module for Magento 2. Monitor your customers' behavior, detect suspicious IP addresses, and more, all within a single powerful module.


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The ArmMage Advanced Customer Tracking and Recommendation Module for Magento 2 offers a comprehensive solution for tracking customer interactions and providing tailored product recommendations. This dynamic module enhances your customers' shopping experience and provides you with critical insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Why ArmMage Advanced Customer Tracking and Recommendation Module for Magento 2? Understanding your customers is the key to boosting sales and providing a top-tier shopping experience. Our module is a tool for enhanced customer understanding and a stepping stone toward the future of AI-driven e-commerce.

Key Features:

  • Customer Behavior Tracking: Monitor page views, product views, category views, and overall session durations to gain valuable insights into your customers' shopping behavior.

  • Suspicious IP Detection: Protect your Magento store from potential threats with our intelligent algorithms capable of identifying suspicious IP addresses.

  • Flexible Data Management: Customize your tracking scope by excluding or blocking specific IP addresses and selecting specific roles to track.

  • Comprehensive Record Management: Enjoy a clear overview of all tracking records in a grid format, with options for mass and single deletion for easy data management.

  • Data Export and Cleanup: Use cron jobs for scheduled data export to CSV and automatic data cleanup, ensuring your tracking data remains current and manageable.

  • API for Data Transfer: Leverage the API functionality for convenient data transfer, laying the groundwork for future AI integrations.

Required Accounts:

You need to register an account with IP-API ( to obtain the necessary API key for IP data retrieval.

Join us at the forefront of e-commerce innovation by adding the ArmMage Advanced Customer Tracking and Recommendation Module to your Magento 2 store today!

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